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STIGA Blackpool Junior 4 Star - 16-17 Feb 2019

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Welcome from Blackpool Table Tennis Club On behalf of Blackpool Table Tennis Club, welcome to the STIGA Blackpool Junior 4 Star. As we are at Palatine Leisure Centre this year, we will only have 12 tables to play on, so there will be a rolling programme and as tables and players are available matches will be put on, this should prevent a late finish. The expected start times are shown below, but if players are there and tables are free the groups may start earlier. Players are asked to please be prompt getting to their tables. To ease the workload on our team of valuable umpires, players may be required to umpire in the group stages. Umpires will be used for all KO stages. Thanks to STIGA and Thornton's Sports for their sponsorship of the event, Blackpool Borough Council, Sports Development Team, and the management and staff of Palatine Leisure Centre. Thanks also to the organising committee and to the volunteers, officials and umpires in attendance over the weekend, who put a great amount of time and effort into ensuring the event runs smoothly. We hope you enjoy the weekend and that you visit us again next year. Brian Jackson Chairman, Blackpool Table Tennis Club Organising Committee Tournament Organiser: Martin Ireland (TO3) Referee: Brian Jackson (NR), Assistant Referee: Dave Goulden (TR), Ron Bennett, Lyndsey Simpson, Harry Heywood, Alwyn Burrough Umpires John Appleton (CU), Garry Benson (CU), Jim Bolton (CU), Stan Clarke (IU), Flynn Connolly (CU), Graham Coupe (CU), John Farrell (CU), Richard Hudson (CU), Chloe Ireland (CU), Tom Konarski (CU), Aalhad Kulkarni (CU), Alex Mercer (IU), Viren Panchal (CU), Tom Purcell (IU), Graham Rollinson (CU), Barry Russ (NU), David Watson (CU), Bob Williamson (IU) Umpires Control: Brenda Hudson Schedule of Events (Subject to alteration) Saturday 16 th February 2019 Sunday 17 th February 2019 9:00 Under 13 Boys Singles 9:00 Junior Boys Singles 9:00 Under 13 Girls Singles 11:00 Junior Girls Singles 11.00 Cadet Boys Singles 13:30 Junior Band 1 Boys Singles 11:00 Cadet Girls Singles 13:30 Junior Band 1 Girls Singles 15:00 Cadet Band 1 Boys Singles 13:30 Junior Band 2 Boys Singles 15:00 Cadet Band 1 Girls Singles 13:30 Junior Band 2 Girls Singles 15:00 Cadet Band 2 Boys Singles Prize Fund £1000 All prizes will be Thornton Sports vouchers, trophies will be awarded for all other events. Event Winner R/U S/Final Q/Final Total Junior Boys' Singles £120.00 £60.00 £30.00 vch £15.00 vch £300.00 Junior Girls' Singles £120.00 £60.00 £30.00 vch £15.00 vch £300.00 Cadet Boys' Singles £60.00 £40.00 £20.00 vch £15.00 vch £200.00 Cadet Girls' Singles £60.00 £40.00 £20.00 vch £15.00 vch £200.00

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